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______________________________________________________________________________                   Spoof is a British website with satire and parody of current events. ______________________________________________________________________________                                        Satire Articles Headlines by K. C. Bell 1- Don’t Call It Fake News 2 - Coming Soon: Trump Removed From Office 3 - NATO Is Shocked And Dismay By Trump 4 - Trump’s Wall Falling Down 5 - Did Trump Blackmail Kennedy To Quit? 6 - Queen Cancels Trump Visit 7 - The Clown In The White House 8 - Trump And Putin’s Dirty Linen 9 - The Other C Word 10 - The Illegitimate President 11 - Trump University Of North Korea 12 - Pay-For-Play Or Pay-Foreplay? 13- Did General Kelly Just Diss Melania Trump 14- Trump Threatens News Credentials 15- Donald Trump To Be Evicted From White House 16- How Much Will Trump Pay To Quash Le Pee Pee Video? 17- Putin Demands Trump Fire Mueller 18- Stormy Daniels To Replace Hope Hicks At White House