Writing for K. C. Bell is making pictures with words. Writing satire for Spoof.com adds smiles to those pictures. When not writing, the author is making pictures with two treasured Nikon cameras that fix her view permanently. Work in the darkroom often becomes as compelling as cross-referencing with Thesaurus and Webster's. Real fun. Favorite dictionary: Clement Wood's Rhyming Dictionary. Born and raised in San Francisco, Ms. Bell has a Bachelor’s degree in English and another in Education from the San Francisco College for Women. She also studied photography at Stanford University. Jobs held: baby sitter, nurse's aid, (at fourteen, she started writing a book set in a hospital and needed background information) telephone operator, department store sales, art department librarian, newspaper, school teacher, cook, baker, chauffeur, cleaning lady, dog walker, accountant, laundress, investment banker, gardener, window cleaner, furniture designer and is a so, so cook and carpenter. K. C. Bell has written five books. Changing Plains and True North are available at amazon.com, and she is presently re-editing Green Sex; about money and the brokerage business. The other two books are finished, but resting for the present.  Her creative process gets energized riding hunter/jumper horses, falconry in Scotland and trekking to far away places with strange sounding names. Most ambitious trek of the future: Walking from Alaska to Russia, crossing the Bering Straits (less than two miles at low tide) and taking the North West Orient Express to Moscow. Cheers!
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Falconry in Scotland
The Queen's whispering horse
With Masai women in Kenya