Made by Smart Computer Service The paper towel landed in the trash and she pulled open the airplane's lavatory door. The aisles were narrow in economy, narrower than Abigail remembered as she bumped her way to the back of the plane. Halfway down her section, she noticed a woman sitting in her window seat and wearing an eye mask, her face turned away. Abigail stopped at her seat and her husband looked up at her.   “Why is that woman sitting in my seat?” Nick Rogers glanced across at the woman sleeping in the window seat and shrugged, “Oh,” he said easily, “that’s the wife.”   “Your wife?” Abigail roared. “That’s also my gin and tonic!” Please Click Here to read the descriptions and purchase it from (Changing Plains) As I rode into the arena, my name was announced and that I was a riding Pecos Pete. Putting him into a canter, my trainer yelled, “Get going.”   So, I shifted Pecos into high gear and we took off. All I had to do was remember the course and point him to the next jump. We had nearly finished our ride when I reached the far side of the arena, came around the bend, and saw the two oxers, thirty to thirty-six inches high, each about eighteen inches apart, with six canter strides in between. The oxers were a surprise. I thought the oxers were for the more advanced classes. My heart sank. I considered quitting.   But thought again. No. Pecos could manage it. All I had to do was stay on. I squeezed Pecos and asked for more.   He dipped his head in reply as though to say: I hear you, I hear you. “Stick to me, baby,” Pecos said, “I’m the fellow you came in with…” Please Click Here to read the descriptions and purchase it from Sex is the currency for job advancement in the Green Sex novel. Think of the casting couch: “Let’s cut to the chase, Harvard. I’m not interested in debating you. I’m interested in hiring you. How would you like to quit this job and come on as my personal assistant for one million a year?”   With the job promotion comes the green and the sex.   Another way to make quick green is through Wall Street and investing in an Initial Public Offering. The IPO in Green Sex is for the Jaxx: The first non-combustion automobile that runs on a battery. The battery is produced by the Russians, does not require recharge and is replaced at the end of one year or fifty thousand miles. Think of a smart-phone with wheels.   Invest a million today and get two million tomorrow. Haven’t a million? Max out your credit cards, mortgage the house, use grandma’s savings; liquidate all assets. The Jaxx is a once in a lifetime investment that can’t go wrong.   Who doesn’t want to shut down the oil spigot?   Green Sex is a suspenseful adventure about a technological breakthrough that could be in tomorrow’s headlines. Please Click Here to read the descriptions and purchase it from “Work her throughout this film studio until she quits. Get her out of here in five days. If you have ever disliked American women, you will, in short measure grow to despise them. They are a singular group of aggressive, ill-mannered, predators. I was once of the impression that a boot licking, ingratiating, sycophant was distasteful until I met Ms Taylor. I want that little girl to be taught a very British lesson.”   And into this cauldron of education steps the American, taking the reader along on an excursion of the inner workings of Davidson Studios, where careers are easily created, destroyed and resurrected.   By book’s end, the question remains: Was the very British lesson taught more American than British? Please Click Here to read the descriptions and purchase it from $12.93 $10.00 $10.00 $10.00