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______________________________________________________________________________                   Spoof is a British website with satire and parody of current events. ______________________________________________________________________________                                        Satire Articles Headlines by K. C. Bell 1. Donald Trump's 59 Wag The Dog Distractions 2. Donald Trump Requests Pardon From President Hillary Clinton 3. Whoopee! Donald Trump Gave A Presidential-Like Speech 4. Trump: A Russian Impersonator 5. Warren Beatty Has To Be Scripted 6. SNL Donald Trump Chorus Line Planned 7. Barack Obama: Please Come Back 8. The Trump Train Wreck Is Coming 9. Republican House And Senate Members To Impeach Donald Trump 10. Russia Admits Hacking Into US Voting Machines 11. Donald Trump Demands A Vote Recount 12. Donald Trump Announces Mitt Romney Appointment 13. Trump Calls Voter Recount A Scam - What Am 14. Trump Appoints Head Of FBI James Comey To Supreme Court 15. Hillary Is Elected President 16. Trump Said It Would Be Rigged 17. Groping Women Shrinks Hands 18. Donald Trump Is Selling Tight Shoes 19. Taco Trucks On Every Corner 20. Cutting Down A Forest In San Francisco 21. Donald Trump's First National Security Briefing