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______________________________________________________________________________                   Spoof is a British website with satire and parody of current events. ______________________________________________________________________________                                        Satire Articles Headlines by K. C. Bell  1     Trump Giving Alaska Back To Russia  2     Impeachment Celebrations Set To Start  3     Hillary Clinton Named Proper President of United States  4      Class Act Roger Federer, And Then There's Trump  5      Is Trump Really Donald Two Bricks From Queens?  6      Big Bad Wolff At The White House  7      Don't Let Al Franken Resign  8      First Day Of Christmas, Trump Out Of White House  9      Yikes: The North Koreans Are Coming 10    Putin Tells Trump He Didn't Mess With The 2016 Presidential Election 11. In Defense Of Harvey Weinstein 12. DonaldTrump Is Not A Bimbo 13. Putin & Trump Love Affair Is Beginning To Stink 14. Twin Donald Trump And Kim Jong Bookends 15. Trump Signs Russian Sanctions Bill And Putin Is #@%& 16. Pardon Trump? Okay? 17. Trump Trainwreck Tweeting Toward Termination 18. Quit Picking On Trump And Trump's Tweets 19. Enough Is Enough - Send Trump Back To Queens 20. Putin Confesses to US 2016 Election Meddling? Of Course! 21. Thank You, Bravo, Merci France 22. Moving Vans Pulling Up In Back Of White House 23. FBI Director Comey Is Mildly Sicky Poo